At Dublin based MLF Flooring, we provide a wide range of flooring options for schools, colleges, universities and other education sector buildings in Dublin, the surrounding counties and in fact nationwide –  always at competitive prices.

School Flooring Solutions

Schools, colleges and universities all have very similar needs when it comes to finding suitable flooring. Safety and hygiene are chief among concerns, particularly when considering facilities designed for children in these times of Covid19. 

School flooring needs to be highly durable and long-lasting if it is to survive the hectic activity of children running around, playing and at times making a mess. We can provide flooring options which are designed to be not only sustainable in these circumstances, but also to provide a safe environment for children.

Our school flooring, college flooring and university flooring options are all designed to be easily maintained and cleaned, helping to combat the spread of germs, dirt and bacteria.

We have undertaken flooring projects for a range of commercial properties including offices, commercial kitchens, schools, hospitals, pubs and clubs, banks, and factories among others.

Different types of schools, colleges and universities will require different types of flooring in different areas of the site. For instance, we understand that children are never keen to wipe their feet, and so the entrance flooring at a school needs to reflect this. Specialised flooring can help prevent most muck from getting any further into the building.

Similarly, classrooms may require noise-dampening or acoustic flooring to keep noise-levels down – always a priority with young children! We also offer flooring designed to help insulate the classroom, keeping it warm, and to protect allergy sufferers from pollen and dust.

At the other end of the spectrum, university laboratories may require surfaces that can withstand spillages of corrosive chemicals and solutions. Equally, greater slip resistance is important in laboratories to prevent accidents, and to ensure that students and staff are in a safe environment. MLF Flooring have a variety of Safety Flooring options. 

At MLF Flooring we also offer a wide range of school flooring options for corridors, dining halls, creche classes and IT suites, all designed for their specific purposes. We understand that schools need to make their learning environments fun and friendly; we also offer customised flooring, colourful patterns and other options to make your flooring more personal or to incorporate your school or college logo. 

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