Choosing a flooring material for older homeowners who want to age in place in their homes doesn’t need to be complicated. The trick is to consider five main factors and to prioritize those factors for each type of flooring and how and where you will use it. The five factors are:

  • Slip-resistance: Does the flooring material offer a non-slip surface even when wet?
  • Ease of travel: Is the flooring material easy to move over for a person using a cane, walker, or wheelchair?
  • Cleaning and maintenance: How much work does it require to maintain the flooring.
  • Comfort: How does the flooring material feel underfoot?
  • Cushion: Does the flooring offer some shock absorption in the event of a fall?

The importance of these qualities may vary depending on the location. For example, if you’re looking for bathroom flooring, it’s most important to choose a non-slip material that’s easy to walk on and is easy to clean and maintain. In a hallway, ease of travel may be most important, while in a living room, comfort may be the top consideration.